How to clear the woocommerce cart and redirect to specific page.
You have a store front using woocommerce and you would like have your visiters to clear the cart then redirect to the Shop page or Plans page (for changing subscriptions).
Add Copyright © Year in the WordPress Footer with Automatic Updates
Do you want the text Copyright © Year ‘2020’ to...
WooCommerce Single Product Page [Visual Hook Guide]
Product Title €554,00–€6.565,00 €44,00–€665,00 This is the short description! Option Choose...
This use of too many plugins are not Good for a website
The use of plugins is a great and quick way of getting functions to your site without coding but that brings a lot of risks; like your website going down or even worse slow down a website now these
Include or exclude any content from any page within your WordPress site.
 <?php if ( is_cart() ) {                       echo "Content to display on a specific page; in this...
Ajax Woocommerce cart icon with number and total
Place in your functions.php file or custom function file, this ajax function auto updates cart Icon count and total when Add to cart button is pushed